Mansa Ambulance we established in 2017, as a privately-run Emergency  Medical Service provider. We are well-establish, provide 24hours ambulance service for all emergency situations, including first aid. We also provide ambulance standby for special events. Specialize in first aid training for individuals and corporations. Upgraded our self to Mansa Ambulance (M) Sdn.Bhd. (Reg:1323479-K) on 22nd April, 2019.


All our services are manned by professional paramedic crew and we also offers Medical Officer (doctor) to upon request by the customer. Rest assured, you and your lobe one are in a good and capable hands.


FYI, We offer all forms of ambulance and medical services needed in providing all variation of high-end quality pre-hospital care services which includes responses for:-

  • Emergencies Ambulance Service
  • Non-emergency Ambulance Service for:
    • Home to Hospital Medical transfer (vice versa)
    • Hospital to Medical Centre or Medical Centre to Hospital Medical transfer
    • Dialysis Service (from Home or Nursing Home)
    • Daily / weekly / monthly appointment service
    • Home Care Services
  • Medical Teams for Event Standby
  • Rental of Medical Oxygen Supplies
  • Setup of First Aid Medical Room