Sick or injured employees may need to be taken to a first aid room while recovering or waiting for medical attention. The need for a first aid room will depend on the size of your workplace and number of people needing access to first aid.

According to DOSH guideline,  a first-aid room should be provided where there are more than 150 employees in the workplace. As an employer, you may not have the knowledge or the skill to setup the first-aid room to meet the rules and regulation that has been set in place by the government agencies.

This where we come in. Mansa Ambulance can help you to organise and set up of a new first aid room or update an existing one. 

As for the actual setup of the First Aid Room…

As a minimum according to DOSH, the following should be provided by the employer in the first-aid room:

  1. First aid box

  2. Sink with tap water

  3. Antiseptic hand wash soap

  4. Paper towels

  5. An examination/treatment couch with pillow & blanket

  6. Portable stretchers

  7. Splints (upper & lower limbs)

  8. Disposable plastic apron

  9. Separate disposable waterproof waste bag/basket for hazardous & non-hazardous materials

  10. Spinal immobilization equipment (cervical collar, spinal board)

  11. Torch light

  12. Chairs for waiting room

  13. Cupboard for storing first aid equipment (as in the first aid box) for top up purposes

However, for any employer that wants to be more prepared for any emergencies, we can also provide:-

  • Oxygen Supply set

  • Automatic External Defibrillators

  • Vital Sign Monitor

  • Secure cupboards for storage of medical supplies

  • Dressing trolley

  • Privacy Screens

  • Wheelchair

  • Examination Light

  • & etc..

Talk to our qualified staff about what requirements you might have. Do call us at +6013 – 2422 999…