Providing equipment and support to oxygen-dependent patients

There are various ways to be mobile with oxygen for those who are oxygen-dependent patient(s). One could rent an oxygen cylinder in a special designed carrybag or oxygen cylinder with a  trolley. 

As for those who are bedridden or home-bound due to their illnesses, usage of oxygen concentrator or MM size Oxygen Cylinder may help with their oxygen needs.

Oxygen Cylinder – Jumbo D / E / MM Size

Oxygen Cylinder comes in multiple size and capacity from the small and portable cylinder of D size, to a higher capacity cylinder normally used by the ambulance provider of Jumbo D and E size cylinder to the non-portable but high capacity  of the MM size cylinder. 

Package included oxygen tubing, nasal cannula / oxygen mask, and oxygen regulator + humidifier bottle.

Typical Oxygen Cylinder Size
Type DJumbo D EMM
Max Capacity425 L640 L680 L3455 L
Usage Duration
5 LPM1H 23 M2 H 9 M2 H 16 M11 H 30 M
10 LPM42 M1 H 5 M1 H 8 M5 H 45 M
15 LPM28 M43 M45 M3 H 50 M


The Standard Concentrator is ideal for home or when sharing a room with others as it is small and relatively quiet. It offers a 1-5 Litres Per Minutes (LPM) stationary supply of medical grade oxygen for in-room use. 

Package included oxygen tubing, nasal cannula, and humidifier bottle (if needed).

How To Rent Oxygen?

Renting a portable oxygen supply with Mansa Ambulance couldn’t be easier. Please call +6013 – 2422 999 to arrange oxygen rental at your destination.  

Mansa Ambulance can deliver the oxygen to your residence, hotel, or Nursing Homes – whatever that will be most convenient for you.